Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen

Context of the action

Supporting the development of breakthrough technologies in key industrial sectors is an integral part of the EU’s endeavour to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

As hydrogen and its derivatives are generated by using renewable energy sources that emit no greenhouse gas emissions and create little air pollution, green hydrogen is one of the EU’s top priorities in its quest to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from its industrial sector. The EU’s plans to use green hydrogen are underlined in its hydrogen strategy, adopted on 8 July 2020, and are further accentuated by the EU’s REPowerEU communication on 18 May 2022.

The EU has expedited the development of a regulatory framework to promote a European market for hydrogen, has vowed to establish a Global European Hydrogen Facility, and intends to conclude green hydrogen partnerships with partner countries.

SPIPA actions

SPIPA has supported these efforts by working to strengthen international cooperation and contributing to the discussion of a global standard to ensure frictionless trade. Regarding the former, cementing close partnerships with countries that have the potential to produce renewable hydrogen is of utmost importance.

SPIPA thus facilitated dialogues with Saudi Arabia and stakeholders of the wider Middle East and North Africa region, and Canada. All these dialogues provided detailed information that aided the evolution of the EU’s regulatory framework for hydrogen – a framework which companies that can potentially export hydrogen and its derivatives to the EU need to adhere to.

Additionally, SPIPA organised a hydrogen-focused expert workshop to share the latest developments on public policies and industrial solutions to develop the use of hydrogen in several sectors of the economy.

Furthermore, SPIPA, together with implementing partners – think tank Adelphi and Öko-Institut – supported the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy by analysing the first draft of a harmonised methodology and terminology to calculate the greenhouse gas intensity of clean hydrogen production. The methodologies for the transport and use of green hydrogen as well as trade-related concerns are still in process. These are ongoing processes that will continue beyond the lifetime of SPIPA.

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Hydrogen dialogues
Support to developing the IPHE methodology;

This focus has been particularly pursued in the following countries:

Saudia ArabiaKingdom of Saudi Arabia

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